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Underlying Core Technology

Those who owns the data, owns the future. – Jack Ma

IoT Technology

Internet of Things
Appropriately reconceptualize timely convergence through resource maximizing collaboration and idea-sharing. Globally coordinate cross-platform products via interoperable models.

5G Network

High Speed, Low Latency
Rapidiously actualize wireless benefits before resource-leveling quality vectors. Dramatically innovate progressive convergence without tactical schemas. Competently unleash distributed users whereas.

BIG Data Analysis

Using Artificial Intelligent
Appropriately redefine market positioning leadership skills whereas client-based "outside the box" thinking. Monotonectally engage next-generation leadership skills without one-to-one testing procedures.



Move Malaysia forward by leveraging digital transformation and creating economic empowerment for everyone..


To help 30,000 F&B Business and SMEs in Malaysia achieve Digital Transformation successfully

Growth History

"Giver Technology Berhad is a data-driven technology company. Giver aims to empower F&B and SME in digitalization by providing Internet-of-Things and SaaS solution."

Giver Malaysia

"Giver Product prototyping and production begin."

Giver Malaysia
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Giver Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is established.

We start our Journey at the state of Johor. Grand opening of the Johor HQ.

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Product & Cloud Service Launching.

Giver app start to enter the market and looking for business cooperation

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